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Position Description

Position:         Level 1 Carpenter

Reports to:     Foreman/Project Manager

Principle Interactions:  Foreman and other LMCC Crew Members

Purpose of Position:  A level 1 carpenter must show the willingness to lead while still being eager to help get projects done.   A level 1 carpenter assists the foreman in maintaining the schedule.  They are also responsible for making sure that all projects are of the expected quality and integrity of the company.

Primary Duties and Basis for Evaluation:

  • Is able to work unsupervised on any given task. 
  • Consistently is one of the best craftsmen available on the jobsite.
  • Is able to lead their crew on any given phase of a project, including paperwork.
  • Interacts well with clients, subcontractors, and crew when needed.
  • Is able to cut stair stringers and roof rafters (including hip, valley, and common)
  • Meets deadlines without supervision. 
  • Understands and is able to do complex trim work, complex cabinetry, and complex stair installations on a jobsite.
  • Is able to read and interpret all blue prints.
  • Identifies the best way to complete each task
  • Understands all safety practices
  • Keeps the foreman informed on needed material and supplies.
  • Responsible for maintaining jobsite trailer.
  • Understands and is able to complete all job related paperwork. 

Job/Product Knowledge:

  • Develops knowledge of the mission, vision, and values of LMCC.
  • Has significant experience in home construction. 
  • Is able to do complete skilled carpentry work on their own such as stair work, cabinetry, roofing, and trim work. 
  • Shows management potential and eventually develops these skills.
  • Develops knowledge of all LMCC equipment and assets
  • Develops knowledge of customer service and time management. 

Position Description

Position:         Carpenter’s Assistant

Reports to:     Level I Carpenter and/or Foreman

Principle Interactions: Level I Carpenter, Foreman, and other Crew Members

Purpose of Position: The assistant carpenter is intended to help the carpenters with small tasks, either at the jobsite or the shop, so that the carpenters can focus on larger tasks that ensure the project’s success. 

Primary Duties and Basis for Evaluation:

  • Hauls job site material to appropriate places as needed.
  • Follows direction of foreman or carpenters and completes tasks in appropriate time and manner.
  • Correctly measures and cuts pieces for different projects
  • Constantly maintains a good work ethic, attitude, and is eager to learn.
  • Follows the direction of specified personnel.

Job/Product Knowledge:

  • Is able to do demanding physical work. 
  • Has a beginning knowledge of basic home building skills
  • Develops knowledge of the mission, vision, and values of LMCC.
  • Is able to work in a team and follow direction. 
  • Develops knowledge of carpentry skills and safety procedures.  

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